Plan and Prepare

Step 2: Prepare to Plant

Prepare Your Space for a Garden That Thrives

How do you achieve the garden of your dreams in North Texas? Gardeners have more than a few challenges with our soil, climate extremes, water resources, pests, and critters. Come along with us and explore how to start your garden by first building for success in our sometimes-tough environment. We have guides to a number of core topics below to help you begin.

Photo of a cross-section of soil with plants and roots.


With its organic material and microorganisms, soil contains EVERYTHING that plants need to grow. Our Gardening Basics guides will help you learn to make your soil the best for healthy plants.

Photo of the sun and clouds in a blue sky.


One of the most critical environmental factors for growing healthy plants and food is how much sunlight is required for their growth. Our Gardening Basics guide will help you de-mystify the sun requirements of your plants.

Photo of food scraps being put into a compost pile.

Compost and Mulch

Learn all about compost and its cousin, mulch, and how these vital soil amendments or coverings can add vital nutrients and water to your landscape with our Gardening Basics guides about compost and mulch.

Photo of three galvanized steel garden beds.

Garden Beds

Getting your garden beds ready for planting doesn’t have to be a chore. Learn to prepare a weed-free bed and all about raised garden beds with our Gardening Basics guides.

Photo of plants being divided and repotted.


Learn to turn one plant into many by propagating plants through cuttings, division, and layering. Our Gardening Basics guides will also help you learn to start plants from seeds.

Photo of hand spreading fertilizer granules beside a plant.


Learn the simple 1-2-3s of N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), including its sources, and how and when to apply it with our Gardening Basics guides..

Photo of tomato hornworms in a black light.

Pest Management

Our Gardening Basics guides will help you learn the difference between good bugs and bad bugs, and how to manage the bad bugs in your garden.

Photo of gardening gloves, boots, tools, and watering can.

Tools and Gifts

Much like the right plant in the right place, using the right tool can make your gardening tasks easier. Our Gardening Basics guide will help you choose the best tool for the job.

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