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What Does the Garden Help Desk Do?

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Master Gardener volunteers answer local residents’ gardening questions using research-based evidence, training from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, and their experience gardening in North Texas. The service is free, and we are happy to help. Please note that Garden Help Desk volunteers are unable to make on-site visits.

Where Can I Find Answers?

We can help you on your gardening journey. Check out our resources to find answers to your questions!

Solve Problems

Animal & Bird Pests

PDF iconPreventing Bird Damage To Fruits (Garden Basics Series)


PDF iconTurf Inquiry (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconBrown Patch in St. Augustine Grass (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconBrown Patch in Zoysia Grass (Gardening Basics Series)

Insect Pests

PDF iconAphid Control in Vegetable Gardens (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconAsian Giant Hornets or Cicada Killers? (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconBagworms (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconCrapemyrtle Bark Scale (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconEmerald Ash Borer (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconFall Armyworms (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconFire Ant Control (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconGrubworks (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconInsect Inquiry (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconIntegrated Pest Management (IPM) (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconOak Gall Insects (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconPine Bark Beetles (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconScorpions (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconSpider Mites (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconTwig Girdlers (Garden Basics Series)

Plant Diseases

PDF iconBlack Spot on Roses (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconBlossom End Rot (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconBoxwood Blight (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconBrown Patch in St. Augustine Grass (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconBrown Patch in Zoysia Grass (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconBrown Rot in Plums (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconCotton Root Rot in Rose of Sharon (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconDormant Season Fruit & Nut Spraying (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconFairy Rings in Lawns (Gardening Basics Series)

Plant Identification

PDF iconPoison Hemlock vs. Wild Carrot (Queen Anne’s Lace) (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconVirginia Creeper vs. Poison Ivy (Gardening Basics Series)

Trees & Shrubs

PDF iconTree Inquiry (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconWhat’s Wrong with My Tree? (Gardening Basics Series)


PDF iconControlling Dallisgrass (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconPre-emergence Herbicide in an Established Rose Bed (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconUsing Broadleaf Weed Herbicides (Gardening Basics Series)

PDF iconWeed Control without Chemicals (Gardening Basics Series)

How Do I Get Gardening Help?

There are three ways to ask for help:

  1. Submit the Request Garden Help Form (preferred method)
  2. Email us at
  3. Call 940-349-2892. In your message, please leave your name and email address and for clarity, please spell out both.

Describe the problem or challenge in detail and provide pictures. We will try to answer your questions within three business days by email or phone. Please help us help you by using the clarifying questions in the following documents as you prepare your request about Insects, Trees, and Grass:

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