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Each month The Root, DCMGA’s premier gardening magazine, publishes articles on a variety of topics. To help you find articles in current and past issues of The Root, this page lists categories for articles that have appeared and a link that will take you directly to the starting page of the article. While you are at the article, you may also want to scroll through the other articles and features in a particular issue

Become A Master Gardener
Cooking & Preserving
Natives & Adapted Plants

Coral Bells (9/2022)

Dakota Gold Helenium (7/2021)

Ferns (8/2018)

Feverfew (6/2021)

Four-Nerve Daisy (5/2021)

Frostweed (11/2020)

Ground Covers for Shade Areas (11/2021)

Growing Wildflowers from Seed (10/2018)

Growing Wildflowers from Seed 8/2022)

Hummingbird Feeder Plants (5/2019)

Including More Native & Adapted Plants (3/2019)

La Nina Survivors (10/2022)

Leatherleaf Mahonia (10/2020)

Lenten Rose (12/2020)

Leopard Plant (4/2022)

Lord Baltimore Hibiscus (8/2020)

Makes Your Yard a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary (4/2022)

Meet the Abelias – Rose Creek and Kaleidoscope (8/2020)

Mexican Buckeye (3/2020)

Mexican Buckeye (10/2020)

Milkweed: The Good and the Problematic (3/2022)

Muhly Grasses (10/2021)

Native Ground Covers (3/2023)

Nature In Your Landscape (8/2019)

New to Texas Gardening Suggestions and Websites (9/2020)

Pine Muhly Grass (2/2020)

Polar Bear Zinnia (5/2022)

Propagating Homestead Verbena (5/2020)

Pruning Perennials (11/2020)

Pruning Roses (2/2022)

Purple Fountain Grass (11/2022)

Rain Garden Plants (7/2019)

Roses (2/2021)

Salvia ‘Henry Duelberg’ (6/2022)

Seed Bombs/Seed Ball Recipe (11/2019)

Shrubs (10/2020)

Skeleton-leaf Goldeneye Daisy (4/2020)

Soft Leaf Yuccas vs. Red Yuccas (1/2021)

Sundrops (4/2023)

Superstars Defy Texas Heat (7/2018)

Texas Star Hibiscus (7/2022)

Texas SuperStar Plant Program Overview (2/2023)

Texas Superstar Plants (4/2019)

The Versatile Shade-Loving Japanese Painted Fern (10/2022)

To Cut or Not to Cut: Pruning Perennials (10/2021)

Virginia Creeper / Poison Ivy (4/2020)

Water-Wise Plants (6/2019)

Weeping Redbud and Smoketree (9/2020)

Woolly Stemodia (1/2020)

Parks & Trails
Tropical Plants