Presentations, demonstrations, and information booths to help you grow!

Steve Huddleston

Keynote speaker

Steve Huddleston will present “Residential Landscape Design.” He served as the senior horticulturist for the Ft. Worth Botanic Garden for 26 years and is now the public relations manager for the Botanical Research Institute of Texas. He co-authors the book Easy Gardens for North Central Texas, a Master Gardener favorite.

Plan and prepare icon.

Plan & Prepare Your Landscape

Small Space Gardening Presentation: Don’t let a lack of space keep you from having a wonderful garden. Let Denton County Master Gardener Bonnie Ambrose help you learn to get the most out of the space to grow plants for color and food.

Soil & Composting Presentation: Soil quality is key for a prosperous garden, and composting is the best way to build nutritious soil for your plants. In this presentation by Denton County Master Gardener with Composting Advanced Training Daniel Arenas, you will learn how to make it happen and replenish your garden with excellent, good compost!

Vermiculture Demonstration: A brief introduction to vermicomposting or composting with worms! Learn about the materials needed, set-up, harvesting the compost, and, importantly, where to get the worms—presented by Denton County Master Gardeners Linda D’Amanda and Kathy Preston.

Select & Grow Icon

Select & Grow Your Plants

Texas Native Plants Presentation: Join Liz Moyer, a Denton County Master Gardener and Native Plant Society of Texas member, in discussing Texas native plants and how to incorporate them into your landscape. Support our native ecosystems to encourage the population growth of pollinators and other beneficial critters.

Cacti & Succulents Presentation: Learn how to assemble succulents for beautiful, long-lasting arrangements. With minimal effort or upkeep, these will bring new interest to your patio or windowsill. Presented by Chryl Prestemon and Carolyn Stoy from the DCMGA Succulent Team.

Plant Propagation Demonstration: Would you like to learn to reproduce your favorite plants? Learn tips and tricks for propagating plants for your landscape or sharing them with others from Kathi Efflandt, Linda Barker and Pam Long, Denton County Master Gardeners with Propagation Advanced Training.

Vegetable & Herb Gardening Workshop: Learn all about vegetable gardening basics and how to prepare for a bountiful harvest this spring. Learn from Master Gardeners with Herbs Advanced Training and the Flower Mound First Baptist Church Community Garden Master Gardener team.

Native Plant Society of Texas Booth: Learn about the value of native plants, native habitats, and healthy ecosystems as essential to the well-being of living things and our quality of life.

Texas Superstar® Plants Booth: Texas Superstar® plants are tested and selected for superior performance in Texas. Learn from Master Gardeners with Texas Superstar® plants Advanced Training about these terrific plant choices for your landscape and garden.

Maintain & Solve Problems icon.

Maintain Your Landscape & Solve Problems

Rainwater Harvesting Presentation: Learn from Denton County Master Gardener Lee Greer to collect and store rain for reuse, rather than letting the water run off . It is one of the easiest ways to conserve water at home while also lowering your bills and your plants will love it.

Fertilizing Your Plants Presentation: Plants’ nutrients come from fertilizers, compost, or manure. Learn the “what, why, and how” of using fertilizers to help your plants grow from Denton County Master Gardener Lynda Harvey.

Drip Irrigation Demonstration: Learning to install and maintain drip irrigation systems, one of the most efficient and water-wise methods for irrigating your landscape and garden.

Caring for Garden Tools Demonstration: There’s more to gardening than tending to weeds and plants. It also requires proper tool maintenance and care. Learn from Denton County Master Gardener Nick Barrows how to clean and sharpen your garden tools to do your gardening jobs right.

Ask A Master Gardener Booth: Do you have gardening questions? Denton County Master Gardeners will be on hand to answer your gardening questions.

Gardening Fun icon

Gardening Fun

Art in the Garden Presentation: Let Denton County Master Gardener Tammie Gurley clue you in on bringing more color and life to your garden with things you don’t have to water or trim! Tammie is a master at tasteful garden art and an enthusiastic speaker you will surely enjoy.

Garden Photography Presentation: No matter the size of your garden, you can capture beautiful images of your plants. Learn tips and techniques for photographing all types of gardens, your own or public gardens and parks. Presented by Denton County Master Gardener Lea Watson.

Kids Zone Activities icon

Kids Zone Activities

Want to add a little fascination to your child’s life? Science With Attitude (SWAt) will be on hand to help your children learn about horticulture through fun activities – creating Grow Cards, Plant People, Decorating Pumpkins, and more! An adult must accompany children at the Fall Into Gardening event.


Garden Tours icon.

Garden Tours

On the grounds of Global Spheres Center, tour the beautiful Israel Prayer Garden, Beulah Acres Agroforest, Community Garden, Potager Garden, and the Barnyard. Master Gardener docents will be on hand to answer your gardening questions.

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